What others say about Holistrol:

My life has been changed since I discovered Holistrol a few years ago.  I have gone from my doctor -prescribed medication and my blood pressure are under control. I  check twice a day with my monitor, and I am truly pleased.I have recommended, and in fact, I have ordered for my friends.

Thanks for coming up with such a great product.

Ismanie  R.

I wanted to let you know that since I ‘ve started to use Holistrol I have found that I have been able to keep my blood pressure under control far better than ever in the past. I used prescription meds in the past and not only did they not work but I couldn’t live with the side effects such as water retention and others. Holistrol not only has no side effects but you don’t even realize you are taking it, except on the measure of blood pressure.

George S/Winnipeg Canada

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No matter what your situation, you have the power to support your healthy blood pressure naturally NOW.

Here is what others have experienced with Holistrol:

I’m very skeptical of most product claims.  Creative advertising agents get us to buy a myriad of products that too often neither work with the ease nor produce the results the ad purports.

I’m writing about Holistrol Healthy Blood Pressure.  I’m impressed.  I started using Holistrol in April.  At that time my pressure was 154 over 95.

By May it was down to 145 over 84 and in July the pressure had dropped to 124 over 84.  Now at the beginning of August, it is maintaining itself at 124 over 75.  High blood pressure runs in my family so I’m glad that this product is working for me.  I’m conscience of what I put in my body and am glad that this herbal combination is helping to maintain my health.

Melonee H.

Bluffton, South Carolina
I have been taking the Holistrol supplements for high blood pressure now for three months.  Doctor Chang at the Whitaker Clinic recommended this product to me.  She knew I had taken various Chinese patent medicines over the last couple of years which did not reduce my blood pressure readings significantly.  However, your product in conjunction with a low dose of an antihypertensive drug has brought my them readings of 183 to 210 over 110 to 95 down to more normal and consistent readings below 130 over 80 and heart rate of 63.  The size of the capsules are small enough to swallow easily and I have never gotten an after taste from the capsules.  I am very happy with your product and I am able to reduce my daily prescription dosage because of your product.

Viktor M. Ozark, MO
P.S. I want to tell you that Holistrol is a terrific product. A friend gave me a bottle that she no longer needed. I had tried 6 or 7 different blood pressure meds but they all either had intolerable side effects or cost an unbelievable amount of money. I love Holistrol – no side effects and I can control the dose somewhat to match the variations of my life’s rhythms.

I was hesitant to try Holistrol at first — but I had a dream that I needed to take the “Island Medicine”. I’m glad I did.

Allecia V.

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