For as long as I remember I have suffered from Lazy Bowel Syndrome which meant that I was always constipated. Even though I ate foods high in fiber, drank liters of water – this just wasn’t enough for regular bowel movements.

Invariably, I would need to take laxatives which depleted my system and made matters worse. I have regular colon cleansing and this helps. My daughter who is a naturopath told me about Ibistrol and as it isn’t available in Australia I ordered it on the internet.  I have been using Ibistrol for about 4 months now and it has made me feel so much better. My skin is healthier and I don’t have the black bags under my eyes. I regularly use my bowels and have decreased my dosage from 9 tablets a day to 3. Whilst this product acts as a laxative, it does not produce any of the side effects.

Frances, Templestowe, Vic. Australia

For months I had been taking a laxative every night.  I became quite concerned.  When I discovered Ibistrol, I started with the maximum dosage listed n the bottle.  After about three weeks I tapered down to the minimum amount recommended. Works Great!

Hazel from California

“Aloha, my name is Sheila Novack. I am 49 years old from Detroit, Michigan. I have had a hectic lifestyle that affected my eating habits. I never had enough fiber or those good high-fiber foods such as bran. My body would continue to be plugged up until I got milk of magnesia. It’s big effect was a big uncomfortable relief that cramped my stomach and often would cause diarrhea. I always needed it 2 to 3 times weekly to make sure I went regularly. 21 years later, my son introduced me to Ibistrol. At first, I was hesitant because it took a few days for results, but when it did I had such great movements sometimes 3 times daily. The waste was always nice and soft and easy to dispose of. When I would clean myself most of the time there was nothing there – it was totally clean. Ibistrol works for me I love it. I keep it right next to my vitamins. It’s a good feeling to know that I have it to keep myself healthy and waste-free. I only use Ibistrol now. No more milk of magnesia!!!!”

Sheila N, From Detroit, Michigan

“My wife is taking the IBStrol product and is very impressed with the results she is getting.”

Jesse Melancon, New Orleans, LA 

“I had my grandson try IBStrol for his ibs he saw results in about 2 days. he is 21 years of age. he has been on it for about 2 weeks and feels normal”

Robert Lerma 1450 Pelem Court, Stockton, CA

“I take Ibistrol every day. I will make sure that I take Ibistrol with me on our cruise. I feel so much better with ibistrol.”

Dannie, K, Hilo, Hawaii

“I first started having problems when I started in a high-stress position at my company. There were always intense, critical decisions to be made and urgent deadlines. I always thought I thrived under pressure, but I began to have health problems that the stress seemed to trigger.

My guts seemed to always be messed up. Increasingly, whenever I ate even a small meal, I would bloat up and get this burning pain in my bowels.  I chose foods carefully, thinking certain foods might be the problem.

Constipation became a continuous and debilitating condition. I could go five days or more without a bowel movement, bloating and discomfort increasing all the while. In an effort to find relief, I began to eat compulsively, as if somehow that the next little snack would produce intestinal activity and provide relief. It never did.

Then I began to get  “sick headaches” that lasted for two or three days. I would have to go to bed, & remain in the dark with the most incredible headache and nausea you can imagine. I tried laxatives, but they didn’t help. They only added to the pain and discomfort I already had. Words cannot describe how sick I would be during these attacks. Relief would finally come in the form of spastic, burning bowel movements. As uncomfortable as these were, they broke the cycle of constipation, headache, and nausea, and were a blessed relief for a while. Then the cycle would start again.

Visits to my general practitioner were not particularly productive. An endoscopic exam revealed that I had “the worst case of spastic colon” he had ever seen. He prescribed muscle relaxers and painkillers. But these had had such strong side effects I could hardly function, and they did nothing for spastic constipation and nagging pain in my gut.

I had tried many different natural approaches; diet modification, fiber, digestive enzymes, acidophilus, aloe vera, homeopathy – you name it, I tried it. Nothing seemed to make a significant or lasting difference.

Then I had the opportunity to sample Ibistrol. I was instructed to take two capsules twice daily with meals, and I started on the evening of the first day.

It was amazing! The next evening, after only the third dose, I noticed that the usual burning and bloating was not quite so evident. And my digestive system seemed to be actually working. Over the next few days, bowel functions dramatically improved.  My days were not so defined by chronic constipation & diarrhea, gas, pain and bloating. Instead, I could eat, and everything just seemed to work the way it’s supposed to. The sense of always having to go to the bathroom, but not being able to, just went away (and so did the snacking urge). IBStrol has in the quality of my life. Now, instead of planning to be out of circulation for large blocks of time, I can just enjoy life. No more weekends in bed with the shades drawn, incapacitated with nausea & migraine. No more pain in the gut. Thank you Ibistrol!”

Pat V, Denver, Colorado

I take Ibistrol whenever I travel and never have problems, but the time we didn’t take it, we got constipated right away. It’s just been great having it. I never go on a trip without it now.

Pam K., Hawaii


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