Why do you need the perfect calcium supplement?

Don’t Buy or Take Any Calcium Supplement Before You Read This!

If you are currently suffering from low energy, muscle weakness, mental fogginess, emotional turmoil, joint and muscle pain, a weak or irregular heartbeat, fractured bones or tooth cavities, you, like millions of others, need the perfect calcium supplement.


Calcium is not only the essential element for building strong bones, but it is also the carrier of the chemical electricity in your body that causes your muscles to contract, your nerves to respond and your heart to beat regularly. It is also involved in releasing hormones for anti-inflammation, anti-aging and hormonal balance.

Your body consumes calcium every moment. Suppose you don’t have enough calcium in your body; how would you feel? You may feel weak, lack energy, be slow to respond and react and in your thought and recognition, have an irregular and weak heartbeat, experience muscle pain or a slower recovery from wounds and pains, age more quickly, be more prone to illness, injury or bone fracture, and your teeth may even start to fall out.

The bad news is that most calcium supplements on the market can’t fulfill their duties as a calcium supplement. Why? Most of these calcium supplements cannot be easily absorbed by your body, much less be utilized. To make things worse, they can be even harmful to you.

Read This Before You Buy or Take Any Calcium Supplement!

In a recent book, The Calcium Lie, by long-time physician Dr. Robert Thompson, Dr. Thompson shares scientific evidence that some calcium supplements on the market may, in fact, make you sick.  He points out that studies show that the intake of only calcium can lead to mineral imbalances that cause adrenal fatigue, birth defects, bone spurs, depression, gallstones, gastro-esophageal reflux disease, gestational diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, kidney stones, obesity, osteoporosis, pregnancy problems, type 2 diabetes and type 2 hypothyroidism.

You need a calcium supplement that can provide your body with additional calcium as it’s supposed to.

So what makes the perfect calcium supplement?

The perfect calcium supplement satisfies the following criteria:

1. The perfect calcium supplement contains all the nutrients necessary for calcium metabolism.

Your body needs more than just calcium for calcium metabolism; it needs a matrix of calcium nutrients, including calcium, essential trace minerals such as magnesium and zinc, as well as proteins, amino acids and long chain sugars, polysaccharides.

Just giving your body calcium will not meet your body’s needs, and it can drain other nutrients from your body.

2: The perfect calcium supplement provides the necessary nutrients in the right proportions.

These nutrients need to be in the right proportions to be beneficial to you. Insufficient amounts or a surplus of any nutrients can cause harm to your body.

Unfortunately, our scientific research studies have not provided enough information about the exact proportions of most nutrients that our body needs. It is impossible at the moment to produce a man-made calcium supplement that can provide these nutrients in the exact proportions our body needs.

3: The structure of the nutrients in the perfect calcium supplement is compatible with your body genetically and at the cellular level.

The nutrients have to be compatible with our body at the genetic and cellular level to be absorbed and utilized.

None of the calcium supplements currently on the market contain the matrix of calcium nutrients your body needs.

They are not compatible with your body at the genetic and cellular level. Therefore, they can’t be absorbed and utilized.

That’s why you will not notice the supposed benefits of taking these calcium supplements. That’s why you still lack energy and strength. That’s why your bones are still weak. That’s why your teeth are falling out. That’s why your muscles are still sore and aching. That’s why your heart beats weakly and irregularly. That’s why your mind is foggy and your emotions are chaotic.

Would you like to have…

  • White and stronger teeth?
  • More muscle strength?
  • More energy?
  • More mental acuity?
  • Better heart functions?
  • Less joint and muscle pain?
  • Stronger bones?
  • More emotional balance?

If you want to live a life with abundant energy, with optimal physical and mental strength, with peace and joy, and with strong bones, teeth, heart, and muscles, you need a perfect calcium supplement.

Dr. Rulin Xiu, the world leading experts on natural anti-aging and healing remedies

I Have Good News For YOU!

Nature Has Prepared The Perfect Calcium Supplement For You!

That is PEARL!

People have been mesmerized by the perfection of pearl for tens of thousands of years. As it turns out, in addition to being an ancient secret for longevity and beauty, the pearl is also a perfect calcium supplement.

Pearl contains all the nutrients necessary for human calcium metabolism.

Pearl provides the complete matrix of nutrients needed for calcium metabolism, including calcium, 26 kinds of essential trace minerals, proteins, amino acids, and polysaccharides.

Pearl is created in a process similar to that of human calcium metabolism at the DNA level.

Scientists have found that pearl is created in a process similar to human calcium metabolism at the DNA level. This indicates that pearl is compatible with our body at the genetic level. It also suggests that the proportions of all the nutrients provided by pearl are close to what your body needs. (see the attachment)

Pearl has a crystalline structure similar to our human cellular structure.

All the nutrients in pearl are in a crystalline structure, which gives pearl its beautiful, iridescent glow. Since our own cellular structure is also crystalline, pearl nutrients are compatible with our bodies at the cellular level. This explains why pearl nutrients are so readily absorbable and compatible with our bones, skin, and muscles.

Additional Benefits from Pearl

Pearl Signal Proteins Inside Pearl Can Stimulate Muscle, Skin, and Bone Regeneration

When scientists implanted pearl into human bones, teeth, and skin, they found that pearl is completely compatible with our bodies. What is even more amazing is that pearl can stimulate new connective tissue growth, such as muscle, bones, teeth and skin growth and make existing bones, teeth and skin stronger and healthier.

As it turns out, pearl contains a special kind of protein, pearl signal proteins, which can stimulate muscle and other connective tissue such as bone, skin, and tendons to regenerate. It also enhances cellular communication.

This is why Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and Chinese empress Wu Zetian used pearl to have youthful-looking skin.

Pearlcium, the ancient longevity and beauty secret and the perfect calcium supplement, is now made available to you!

Pearlcium is the only pearl calcium supplement that is made from pure pearl, and the pearl nutrients, as well as its crystalline structure, is kept intact. It is produced with proprietary modern technology so that all the nutrients in pearls and their crystalline structure are preserved and made more easily available to our body.

Pearlcium supplies a complete matrix of calcium nutrients for your calcium metabolism that is compatible with your body at the genetic and cellular level. You can enjoy:

  • more muscle strength
  • quicker recovery
  • more muscle growth
  • better mental acuity
  • better heart functions
  • stronger bones and teeth
  • better joint health
  • graceful aging,
  • emotional balance
  • and much more.

Treat yourself like royalty! You deserve it!!! Please Click HERE to order Pearlcium, the perfect calcium nutrient, NOW!

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